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Nov 27, 2006



Thanks Johanna for a lovely roundup! What a lot of work that has put into both the roundup and the making of all these wonderful truffles! Thanks all!


So many amazing wonderful entries! All beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for the wonderful write up Johanna!


Wow! My head is spinning from all this chocolate! I want to say thank you to all the people who took this to heart because I now have so many different recipes to try for the holidays! Amazing job!


50 entries! I will have to go through them tonight, after dinner. Thanks Johanna for organizing and for the round up, no easy job!


What a list, Johanna! It's an effort, pulling it together, especially with so many entries. But ... you've done it! Thanks for carrying on the great SHF tradition! AK


Some great photos and inspiring recipes indeed, a great theme Johanna, and thanks for hosting.

There is a link to the recipe on my post though.


Wow - no wonder you've been so quiet this weekend!! That's a lot of truffles... Some really amazing ideas out there and stuning pictures. Should be fun reading through everyone individually.

Thanks for a great theme and being the perfect hostess ;-)


What wonderful collection of truffles. This is a gem of a roundup! Thanks for hosting this event , Johanna !

The TriniGourmet

oh wow :) so amazing the variety, colors and combinations :) i can't wait to try everyone else's attempts! :D


wow- what a great and speedy write up. We have such a fun range of truffle inspiration going on here!


Thanks for the excellent round-up, Johanna! A lot of work was put into this, thanks everyone for all the work and pictures! Gave us lots of great gift ideas.


Thanks for the round-up. I would have been more mad if I had followed my first instinct to stay home and blog. I am so glad that I went with him, because it was so beautiful. Today I woke up to snow on the ground at sea level. The Northwest continues to amaze me.


Mind boggling! What a fantastic round-up with so many interesting combination. I think this CHristmas my friends and family are going to be in for a real impressive treat. Johanna, you have been a gracious hostess and I thank you for your efforts.


wow, what an extravaganza of fabulous recipes! thanks for the great (and very speedy) round up Johanna.


Thanks for a great round-up! :) So many mouthwatering truffles around! Yum!


Hi Johanna,
thanks for the beautiful round-up. I know how much time you had to spend reading and answering my emails and really appreciate it.
By the way, your heart-shaped chocolates have just the right look.

- fanny


so many gorgeous entries! i wish i had been able to participate this time.

Virtual Frolic

Thanks for hosting the event! What a great round-up. I'm so sad I can't just grab the truffles off the page and eat them!! I guess I'll have to try each recipe!!


So many chocolate truffles, so little time...!
There's a great selection here, Johanna. I'm already inspired to create just one more... pistachios. This list is like a girl's little black book for chocolate truffles, don't you think?

Thanks for changing from Cointreau to Grand Marnier. I'm such a numpty at times. :)


Quick fingers here (as usual).

Thanks for hosting a lovely theme and photo round-up which must've taken such a long time to do!

Great job. :)


Wow, I just stumbled across your site and I love it. Your food looks wonderful!


Hi, nice round-up, but i think mine was left out. Or is it because my snowmen aren't considered truffles ?


This was so much fun! Thank you so much for hosting. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's creations. Sugar High Friday is awesome!


beautiful creations! you've done a good job hosting the event, Johanna.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Too bad I missed this event as I was traveling. Great job at hosting it, I might just make some now as I am so inspired by so many lovely choices!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Wow, look at all that variety! It never ceases to amaze me how creative foodbloggers are.


I just noticed this post and have to comment on how amazed I am. Every single creation and photo is incredible. I feel like I've gained 10 pounds just looking through the photos!


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What a list, Johanna! It's an effort, pulling it together

Passionate baker

Believe it or not...just found this while wandering off Jugalbandi. My heart leapt to see Nov 27th as the deadline, only to find me A YEAR TOO LATE! :0(



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