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Nov 24, 2006



Oh wow - I *love* those heart-shaped ones Johanna! And I would have guessed that Rooibos is too subtle to stand up to the flavours of chocolate. The reason why matcha or Earl Grey work so well is precisely because of their strident and slightly bitter flavours - whereas it is the absence of these flavours that make Rooibos such a pleasure to drink! Glad you also had the problem with cheesy buttercream truffles from the workshop not even 2 weeks later - N though I had tried to slip him another JP Hevin cheese chocolate!! :o) My post is on its way - thanks for hosting!


Such beautiful truffles!

The weird looking white film on some of your heart shaped truffles (in the bottom photo) is "fat bloom" - as you guessed, it's caused by a lack of temper in the chocolate. Fat bloom just means that some of the cocoa butter (which is a pale-coloured fat) has separated from the cocoa mass (i.e. the dark brown stuff). This happens when the chocolate isn't tempered, because fat crystals with a lower than ideal melting point have been allowed to form. As you probably realise, the chocolate is still fine to eat, but the texture might be a bit chalky, powdery, or waxy.


those heart-shaped "truffles" you made are just adorable.


jeanne, I have to actually take this back, the rooibos DOES come out beautifully now that I have tried a few more - especially in the version which is just dusted with cocoa. will amend my post accordingly!

Samantha, thanks for the clarification - I noticed that the ones I made in the beginning turned out funny, but the last ones kept their colour and gloss, suggesting that the chocolate had been too hot when I started out... lots of training needed here!!!


Looks lovely Johanna! I wish I could've participated, since it's right up my alley, but most of us Americans have been too preoccupied this week with our overindulgent festivities.

I'll just have to live vicariously through you...


I am such a sucker for caramel, so I will have to try those sea salt caramel truffles. They look and sound devine!


I'm loving the food blogosphere being alive with truffles at the moment! Such great timing in the lead up to Christmas. Yours, with no suprise, have turned out beautifully and I love the thought of using rooibus for flavouring! Thanks for hosting Johanna! I'm really looking forward to the round up!


very nice, johanna! i adore eating truffles and can't wait to read the round-up soon.


Your truffles look and sound yummy! Great blog!
Thanks for organizing this month's SHF.


How gorgeous. The tahini one sounds so interesting!

Ari (Baking and Books)

I'm really enjoying this edition of SHF, truffles everywhere! I've never made them but, regardless of what you say, yours look heavenly. I love the heart shape. :)


I personally like the effect on the heart shaped ones... and i personally prefer them as heart shaped than star too although, like you said, star would be more appropriate for the season but i think heart is too.

'Give love on Christmas day... christmas day...'? ring a bell? :)


I think I might have to try making a vegan caramel (with coconut milk as the cream) after seeing these. I even have tiny fondant star cut-outs.

Generally, stars are my favorite shapes, but I think the hearts are beautiful, they seems like they might be a little easier to dip than stars, too (I'm imagining stars with twisted or bent arms,like some cookies I've made in the past.) Chocolate hearts just seem so appropriate somehow.

I've never been a fan of white chocolate, but the flavors in yours sound intriguing.

Thanks for the comments on my blog, as well. Chocolate and chocolate making should be shared...however, sometimes I have to scold JD for eating pieces of measured ingredients. I was slightly surprised to see I wasn't the only one with the idea of using pomegranate, but GMTA.

Scott at Real Epicurean

Super, super meme which I'm sad to have missed.

The best entry, incidentally, came from Peabody - white chocolate and pear skin truffles!


Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog - but you've topped it all with three different chocolatey creations! I especially like your heart-shaped ones - so cute! I'll try them as soon as I have figured out where to get fleur de sel.


I'm not a big fan of chocolate but those I gotta make for my wife. Btw, is it ok for me to put up a link of your blog on mine? I think more people should know about this fabulous site.


This turned out so well! I'm really impressed by the variety of truffles. Thanks for putting the work in to make this happen.


Thanks for adding me to the mix! Stay tuned for the white chocolate truffles! Better late than never...

Chef Keem

My discovery of your wonderful blog post warms this otherwise chilly February morning in Austin, Texas. Tea and cardamom are brilliant flavorings for chocolates, and - I agree, "old socks" don't pair well with exquisite confections. My recent experiments with sea salt caramels led me to a marvelous find: Espresso Fusion Sea Salt. I sprinkle some on a dab of white chocolate on top of my caramel-filled dark chocolate shells. Di. Vine. :-)
I'm looking forward to more of your writing in my subscription inbox. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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