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Nov 10, 2006



Sorry about the bad 'French' coffee...but at least it's interesting to see they're staying true to their Parisian roots.


Great write-up Johanna - and thanks for your lavish compliments! I had forgotten about the laminated menu - doesn't bode well for regular changes, does it!! Look forward to our next gourmet outing ;-)


Very interesting as we went to his restaurant in Monte Carlo last Sunday. We loved the fact that we got a table for the same evening, the atmospere was great as well as the service - really excellent. I also noticed how quiet the open kitchen was. Our food was lovely, they had a whole list of small portions, so we had 8 in all and most of them were delicious.
I am curious to try his London Restaurant now!!


After your Jeanne post, yours has just added up some extra details.
As I said to Jeanne, I am impressed at the attention to details you both dedicated to your review. Great post!


Hi Johanna!

I've finally put your voucher to good use, and Matt and I had an awesome dining experience. While I don't think I have your way with words, I did manage to post about each and every course that we had at the restaurant on my blog here:

Many thanks, again... and congratulations on the little one!

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