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Nov 04, 2006


Jennifer Klinec

The Ace Bakery!! I love their breads - they are a bit of an institution in Toronto. I can't stop eating their fougasse whenever I go back home to Canada to visit family.

I didn't realise that they have a cookbook - I'd love to hear more recipes from them as you bake your way through it!


I loved your metric conversion comments. They provide me with a challenge too as most of the recipes I follow are American, yet here in New Zealand we follow metric measurements. I have a great pair of scales with dual measurements - I would be lost without them!

Scott at Real Epicurean

I love muffins - but not the overly enlarged mutations you find in the shops.

I've got to get back to making some for breakfast.


tasty muffins!
I have that as well - the recipes can be wonderful, but I always prefer pictures! =)
the book sounds great! - so nice you got it just like that(!)


Grams for ml works for liquids, or things with a density close to water. Something really light like wheat bran would take up far more volume, as you note, to make up that many grams. Definitely looks like they just did a volumetric conversion.


scott, I agree - the store-bought ones only taste of baking powder anyway...


tim, I do have scales as well, so I am fine with doing oz etc, but I still struggle with cups!!!
They regulate the size and shape of bananas here in the EU, how about some global initiative to convert everybody to metric? I am sure the publishers would appreciate it ;-)


I ran across a book like that once. It just shows a complete lack of understanding of what the metric system is all about, doesn't it? Personally, I've come to love metric since living in Europe, but I don't have much hope that (North) Americans will see the light anytime soon. While there have been a few books published in recent years that included both (and did them both correctly!), I've also heard that publishers in the US tend to discourage cookbook authors from doing so because it "clutters up the page"...!


hi melissa, that's sad and hilarious at the same time... i actually think it would increase their sales, as many people in the rest of the world shy away from cups!

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