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Nov 14, 2006



Your small parcels look absolutely delicious!


Hi Johanna,
I make something very similar with pears and I roll them into "cigarettes" as how the originals (with feta cheese and parsley or tarragon) are called in Turkey.
But as to the method for triangles: Take a stripe of filo, a rectangle with a short side (this will be one of the legs of the triangle) and a very long side, at least 4 times the short side. Spread the stripe in front of you, long side horizontal. Take the upper left corner, fold it so the corner touches a point in the lower long side and the short side on the left at the beginning is now exactly in line with the lower long side. Do you see the first triangle? Lift the corner up, put your filling in the triangle, close it again. Now you have to flip this fold to the right. Wait, I will send you an email with a drawing.


Hi Hande, I have tried the "cigarettes" before and they work great... thanks for the email as well, will try it out soon and probably share it with everybody then ;-)

Scott at Real Epicurean

These do look nice actually. I love cheese baked into little parcels (Greek Style)...

Dee Varcoe


I have always made filo parcels the same way I make samosas. Brush filo sheets lightly with clarified butter. Depending on the size of triangle required, cut filo lengthwise into strips, usually about 4 strips. Take one strip of pastry and place on the work surface in front of you vertically. Place 2-3 teaspoonfuls of the filling at the bottom edge of pastry. Fold over the bottom right hand corner diagonally so the bottom short edge is parallel to the left hand long edge. Do not press too firmly. Now fold the triangle with the filling away from you, thus enclosing the top part of the triangle, then fold again towards the right, keeping the triangle shape. Continue folding the triangle in this way until you come to the end of the strip of pastry. You should end up with a perfect triangle which totally encloses the filling.

Clear as mud!



oh my god...i could eat all of these! i cant wait to make them!


I make a similar version of these with walnuts, pears and blue cheese. They're really good.


These sound amazing. I love all of your canapes, but the flavors here sound grand. I made phyllo triangles with salmon, dill and mascarpone cheese and I found it was time consuming but easy enough - check them out through my recipe index if you'd like instructions on making the triangle shape, it seemed fairly easy enough to follow.

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