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Oct 11, 2006



Wow, Johanna, what a full calendar!
I was going to try to organise an event too (see my blog). Do you think it is going to fail due to excessive number of previous engagements?
I am worried...


I have forwarded this to my mum because she might be interested in the Bath meet. She has a (part-food) blog now so I hope she qualifies.



oh definitely, Sam, we'd love to meet her! the more, the merrier...


Hang on... there are UK food bloggers out there?

Every one I came accross seemed to be updated once every six months or something (apart from yours, which I've just rediscovered).

The salt and butter tasting sounds interesting and Harvey Nichs isn't that far away. Hmm...


Looking forward to these Johanna!

Sorry to everyone re. the knife skills course - I tried really hard to negotiate a date with the "tutor" that suited everyone, but what with the Christmas rush it was clearly not meant to be. But I promise to resurrect the issue early next year!

Sam - it would be lovely to meet your mum!

Ros - there are actually quite a few of us die-hards, foregoing work and a social life to maintain our UK food blogs regularly! ;-)


I'm not a food blogger, but I love to cook. I have mentioned a few of my cooking escapaes on the blog, but it isn't focused on the food. Does that qualify me? Can I put my name down for the christmas event?

Helen Renshaw

Hi there,
My name is Helen Renshaw and I am deputy editor of delicious. magazine.
Don't know if you've ever seen the magazine, but we are a gorgeous, glossy celebration of all things foodie, distributed throughout the UK. We're also doing pretty well, with a circulation of around 100,000.
Having noted that food blogs are so popular and a growing trend, we've decided to introduce a food blog element to the magazine. We're hoping to do a kind of 'blogger of the month', which would unveil a different blogger each month, with a profile about them, their passion for food, how they got blogging etc and maybe a recipe.
At the moment it's just an idea - haven't got as far as deciding what money etc would be involved. But if you - or your fellow bloggers - are interested, I'd appreciate it if you could contact me as soon as possible so that we can have a chat.
Probably best to email me at first, with your phone details if that's OK.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards, Helen

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