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Oct 13, 2006



Those pancakes look gorgeous and the sauce even better! If only ...



Pancakes are the best. We frequently have them for breakfast. Can never go wrong there :-)


Hi Johanna,

Just wanted to let you know that we tried these yesterday and they were supertasty... although no blueberries around so we just had them with the normal condiments. Thanks for the recipe - certainly a winner pancake recipe!!!


Oh wow! That blueberry sauce washing over the pancakes looks heavenly!

Julie O'Hara

That looks so wonderful. I wish I could still get fresh blueberries; the season is too short! I really like that you only used 2 tblsp. of added sugar in the sauce. I supposed the juice adds some sweetness as well.

Scott at Real Epicurean

These do look absolutely delicious.

Hey, Johanna - how much do blueberries cost down your end? They're so expensive here!

My local shop sells 150g Polish blueberries for £2. In Poland, we bought a carrier bag filled, for about 50p. That much would have costed around £200 in UK prices...



I am in "Sharafanland" being Austrian I do hope you know what I mean!! LOL! What a gorgeous looking stack of pancakes!
I would never have come across the idea of pears and blueberries ... but it works. Thanks for sharing!


These look yummy, Johanna! I especially like the idea of serving blueberry sauce with my pancakes!


I Love you girls



i love this site it made my assignment so good the pictures were clear unlike other sites the recipes were easy to follow. the food was good


I am still looking for the perfect pancake am sure to try this. Just jotted it down for breakfast. thanks.

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