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Oct 03, 2006



Oops, I've had a problem! I went to post it today and because I was over Royal Mail's 2kg weight, the charge was astronomical because it would go thruogh Parcel Force. They suggested I re-package the contents into 2 boxes which would allow me to stay within Royal Mail. So I'll do this but had to take the parcel home to do so. My recipient will get a parcel a tad late, but in two boxes for twice the fun!


I also had a post office problem.
Due to the Jewish holidays the post office is working for very short periods... So I was there... waited for more than an hour and eventually didn't manage to send my box :(
So this is the first thing Im gonna do tomorrow morning. I am so so sorry, hope the waiting will be worthwhile as I put a lot of efforts and thought into this parcel...

Scott at RealEpicurean

Caryn: I had exactly the same problem! My overseas friend will now receive 2 boxes, one of which is quite large (and was supposed to hold all the items) and now will hold only a few. Apologies to the recipient.

The charge was still astronomical though, oh well!


Germany is having the same problem of it being a public holiday today... but hopefully all parcels should arrive at the very latest early next week!


Due to bad organisation on my side, I am late as well. Parcel going out today. Apologies to recipient.


I am off to the post office, just blogged it.


Parcel gone on Tuesday already - and I learned my lesson last time with my astronomically heavy parcel - £29 for postage!! Yikes! So whoever gets the lighter-than-air parcel, you'll know it's from me ;-)

Scott at RealEpicurean

I'm still itching with anticipation at what I will receive.

More to the point, I'm planning my next box - with some home made goodies inside!


when i see all the nice stuff around im worry about the "uncoolness" of my parcel :/


received mine, got robbed (DH grabbed half of the cookies this morning claiming they were perfect for his afternoon coffee break ;)), tried the mango biscuits (to die for) and blogged everything at

thanks a lot to Jenni and to Johanna!


How do I get involved in your culinary package program? It's a very cool idea that I would love to be a part of!


Oh, it's so fun reading all of the write-ups! I wish I could have played - but it perfectly coincided with my computer-free vacation, so I passed this time. :)


Package received!!! Yipee!! I'll be writing a post as soon as I send this!



Here's the post :)

Thanks so much Johanna & Kristina!



When I see all the parcels people sent out I feel mine was too small and concentrated on homemade stuff...Wasn't sure what to send this time... But I sure have plenty of ideas for next time I can't wait!!!


Package received a week ago, still haven't post anything about it but will very soon. Thanks a lot to Mel !


I'm just sharing the sweets in the bowl! I definitely wouldn't share the chocolate!... Too much sugar for me to consume on my own... that's for sure! Thanks for organising!


Johanna, I have not received my parcel yet. Do you think I should start worrying? Do you have a tracking number for me?


Johanna, about the medlar in the parcel received by food-n-more:
I think nespole and medlar are slightly different, nespole being loquat as above and medlar is darker and softer, almost rotten.
We call nespole "malt erigi" in Turkey, I love them! But medlar not that much. It is an acquired taste.


Hi Hande, that's very useful, but I am nonethewiser... from the description is sounds like it's similar to the German "Quitte" and English quince? It seems to come from the same family (magnolias), but have a different shape! i guess we should all go round to food'n'more's as try some!


No, it has nothing to do with quinces! It is a lot smaller and softer, it is like a zwetchge really, only yellow. Look at this picture.


Finally I have pictures of Scott's parcel on my site.
My camera was not with me for a few weeks so I could not take any pictures... Now I have it back and I updated my blog!!!
so you can check it out :)

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