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Oct 05, 2006



Oh, that's wonderful Johanna! Congrats!!!

Fascinating discovery by the way. What a great excuse for eating loads of Maltesers :-) Just kidding :-)


I demand that somebody sends this woman a Nobel prize IMMEDIATELY!! LOL, Johanna - and surely a lot better tasting than Gaviscon! Just think - you have a good few months left of eating Malteasers for two ;-)


jeanne, it's a mixed blessing... how on earth am i supposed to get back to pre-pregnancy weight after eating a ton of maltesers (or two)???


Congratulations on your pregnancy and your discovery! Mothers are the necessity of invention, or something like that. :-)


What a sweet discovery:) Should I ever be in a similar situation, I'll reach for Maltesers!


Good to hear you found such a tasty cure!


husband is getting dispatched to the store immediately. require maltesers now! (sick of soda too)


For any of your readers in the US, "Whoppers" are basically the same as "Maltesers"!


And by the way...Congratulations!


Oooh, congratulations Johanna!! On the baby, and of course, on the nobel prize ;) Actually, I *do* know some influental people.. I will let them know. And I will keep this advice close at heart - we're thinking about somewhat soon starting to perhaps try for a two-legged little one.. (yes, very conclusive so far, yes.)


I'm going to get some today! I'm just starting to get heartburns from my pregnancy and was wondering what would help. This sure sound a whole lot tastier than the other stuff.


woo hoo!! congrats!

have you ever tried the blowing a malteser in the air trick?

whoppers are not basically maltesers. Whoppers are overly sweet quite disgusting candys and maltesers are yummy delicious.

I once worked on a maltesers commercial in London. I had to animate chocolate blobbing onto a malteser.

So I told them I had to know what maltesers looked like without chocolate and, I kid you not, they sent me a whole box of naked maltesers!!!!

Needless to say, I think it is the chocolate that makes them taste special!

rachel b.

you know i tried this the other night with whoppers and it actually did work?

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