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Oct 08, 2006


Scott at Real Epicurean

This is easily one of the most interesting series of posts I've seen all year.

I love Mexican food, whether it's fresh salsas and guacamole, or burritos and fajitas, or even a turkey mole.

More, please!


Thanks for this wonderful series, Johanna, it's been excellent and is a great resource. I just wanted to note that I found that a pico de gallo was very family dependant and each family had its own recipe and could vary greatly. For example, in some families a pico de gallo could mean a chunk of corn meal that had been fried and served on the side of the plate. More often than not, though - it was exactly as you describe.


good to see that Mexican food is coming alive in England. Your series is quite good. We recently did a blog on a very unique Guacamole that you may be interested in trying.

Great blog will definitely return.



shuna fish lydon


You are out doing yourself!

I have a feeling that this is is your M.O. though, even after meeting you once.

At 6 pm your time on October 11 I will be posting the photos I have from that day. Let me know if you are going to write part 4 or 5... so I can get those links in there too.

Thank you again for a delightful, informative and DELICIOUS day!


Oh yes. Now you're talking. Bring it on!


scott, i'll have to pass on the mole, we'll be making this for the "advanced" session some time ;-)

bonnie - that's a very interesting version of pico de gallo indeed. in fact, i had never heard that name before (living in the south of Mexicao, we called it salsa mexicana), pero in the north, pico de gallo seems to prevail...

doodles, will definitely be trying your version as well, although, as with most things, i am not really one to follow recipes, but just use what's on hand!

shuna, i shall be posting parts 4 and 5 very soon, probably this week, and will send you the links as soon as they're published... thanks for linking to them!

karina, i thought this would be right down your alley! it might not be the killer-guac you were describing, but just you wait for the rajas con queso and chiles rellenos!


I was taught the leave-avocado-stone-in-your-guacamole by some Colombian guys´back in 2000, and they had obviously learnt this from their moms. Since then I've used this trick myself, and it does work indeed:)


Aaaah, happy memories of a great day. I think that salsas were probably the biggest eye-opener for me when I went to Mexico. They were just a million miles removed from what passes for "salsa" outside Mexico and the flavours intensity of the flavours was amazing.

Subhash Nandwani

Wow, thanks for this great site, there are too many mouth watering dishes in it,I like most of them. I love this site.

With Warm Regards,
Sunny India


Hi everybody,

Regarding Guacamole, as long as you squeeze some lime/lemon juice in the Guacamole, it won't oxidize and turn dark. In Guadalajara México it is made with mashed avocados, diced onion, diced tomato, diced serrano chiles, chopped cilantro, lime/lemon juice. Some people do a variation by adding a bit of extra virgin olive oil. No garlic at all though.

And regarding Pico de Gallo, in Guadalajara, Pico de Gallo is a salad made with slices of peeled oranges, and very thin slices of jicama( I don't know how it is called elsewhere) and sliced cucumber, drizzled with sea salt, chile powder and lime juice. I hope this helps, I am Mexican and I have eaten this things all my life.

Best Regards


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