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  • Foie gras with fig & nectarine compote

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Sep 05, 2006



I know what you mean - supermarket fruit in the UK tends to go from rock hard to rotten mush with no stops in between. And I'm sorry but life is too short to eat a tasteless fruit!! I often roast fruits that aren't quite ripe, or that are too ripe to eat fresh and it's a great way to use them. I often serve nectarines roasted with brown sugar and butter with a blob of mascarpone; or the other day I did the same thing with apricots - *heaven*!!


jeanne, i think i've enjoyed these at your house one time already - and i agree that it's a good way to use not-so-perfect fruit... must try the apricots soon!


Oh, at least you got an absolutely gorgeous picture out of it. And I bet the sundaes were great. :)


Not limited to the UK.
When the fruit is right and ripe the price is usually wrong but the wrong fruit is not worth anything, so I pay the higher price.
This looks super good with almonds and ice cream!!


Roasted nectarines (and peaches and apricots) taste absolutely gorgeous anyway, so this sounds amazing.
The bowls are very manly sized, so a nice filling desert!

David Geere

Supermarket food is rubbish! Honestly. My better half still says it is because they chill it way too much and try to generalise the storage for everything rather than being specific to each foods needs.

Good post though!


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