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Sep 07, 2006



Guess I'll skip that one.


Wow, sounds like it is slipping fast. I recall two memorable meals there were the food was consistently good, if not outstanding (not better than Lomo, for example). However, the cookbook is a bit of a triumph of marketing, exploiting a bit of ignorance in the marketplace about high-end Spanish food. I remember being amused at the way it presented El Navaricco products as some kind of special find.


brilliant last sentence


I've never been to MORO, however was drawn to (and subsequentially bought) their first book based on pure originality back when I hadn't even heard of them.
The first recipe I cooked was the Garlic Soup - heavily flavoured with Chorizo and finished by a poached egg (poached in the soup, of course), which is served in the bowl.
Absolutely delicious.


i bought their cookbook, too, and have tried one of the recipes for a pot-luck dinner. tuna in a red onion sauce, which was also great. i might just go by the book and make their food at home from now on...


Hahaha - love the closing sentence! My equally unimpressed review is also up on my blog now. I think next time we come to dinner at yours I'll demand a dish from the Moro cookbook - that clearly seems to be the better option!


I just love your reviews! Even more so since I had the pleasure to share lunch with you at Purzelbaum some weeks ago! You describe all those little details which usually catch my attention in new (to me) restaurants ;)

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