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  • Foie gras with fig & nectarine compote

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Sep 26, 2006



Good foie gras in London? I will ask my friend Jeanpierre (a French sommelier) tomorrow, but I cannot guarantee a reply (stay tuned).
The best I had was a home made one. If you go to Ay, knock on the door of Monsieur Claude Giraud, the only producer of Ay Grand Cru in Champagne (yes, I know, a lot of Champagne producers boast the name Ay on the label, none of them is an Ay Grand Cru, believe me). His passion for wine is contagious, his hospitality is second to none and his wife makes the best foie gras I have ever had in my life (and the portions were pantagruelic)...
Said that, the peach and fig jam is something I really want to try. Thanks Johanna for sharing your recipe.


Hmm can't vouch for the foie gras itself as I have not tried it, but all the meat I've bought from Wyndham House - a butcher on Fulham Road a block or two west of the cinema on it - has been pretty good.


I've just started making jams, it's so much easier than I thought. Your photo is really nice, (jam is sometimes hard to photograph without it just looking like a blob) and I'm sure the jam tastes even better.


Are "jam sugar" and "preserving sugar" same as regular sugar?

(confused because never made a jam before...)


Vasilisa, I have added the descriptions for jam sugar and preserving sugar to the recipe, to make it clear.
Brilynn, I experienced the same this summer – always thought it was such a hassle and this time round, whenever I had leftover fruit or saw some really good quality stuff at the supermarket, I just grabbed it and made jam – and my cupboard is overflowing!
Yin, will try and give this butcher a try when I am next around there.
Simonetta, your tip comes in very handy, as were planning a road trip to Austria next summer and were planning to stay over in the Champagne and buy some bubbly - thanks! (And I will wait for your sommelier to name me a good source!)


I hope there are some figs and peach left in the market , I would love to try this recipe!

Scott at Real Epicurean

I absolutely love home made jams. For some reason this year, food bloggers are really suprising me with their new ideas, all of which look delicious.


I was going through some of my old pictures, and came across the one with your fig jam embraced by crepes made by K. Suddenly got a huge craving, so I decided to come and look for the recipe :)
Thank you, darling!!

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