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Aug 29, 2006



Well, after having filled 41 jars with my sugo di pomodori e basilico right today I need a little break regarding canning, but the marriage of raspberries and apples is so stunning that I will have to try this. D'arbo sells a raspberry rhubarb jam which is among my favorites. Hope everything is fine with You and yours....


Wow great photo - cant be arsed myself to make jam far too girly (I'll just have to nick a jar or two of yours!) :-0


raspberry jam has to be one of my favourites and this addition of apples makes it even more appealing. And that photo is food porn at its best!


Your jam looks delicious! Great picture!


Hi! I keep meaning to tell you that I'm going to be in London in just over a month! My choir's touring Europe again (Italy, Switzerland & UK) and we're doing some performances in London - a service at Westminster Abbey and a concert at King's College Chapel (London) as well as Cambridge and Ely Cathedral. We're very excited, and looking forward to some good food everywhere we go!


The jam picture grabbed me straight away - I just love home made jam with crusty bread - so very English!
I just wanted to mention my alternative method of steralization (which I quote on my site as being the most easy) - see what you think to it.
Simply fill a jar with water. Put it in the microwave for 10 minutes (longer wont hurt anything - I often leave them till the water has evaporated), remove and drain the water.
In the mean time pour some kettle boiled water over the lid to steralise.
Put the jam / chutney / pickle in the jar when still hot, and it should keep for up to a year in tip top condition.

Hope this is of some use to somebody!


thanks for sharing this, scott, it is defininitely a timesaver!
I've only acquired a microwave 3 years ago and there are definitely lots of people out there who still need to rely on the old jars-in-a-pot-on-the-stove method, fiddly as it may be ;-)


your raspberry-apple jam looks definitely attractive! The jars you've seen on my site are filled with plum-jams - one is with caramelized sugar and the other is a nature one, with a little sugar.


That looks amazing.


Looks yummy. I plan to make it for an online "jam swap" at I fell in love with an cran-apple jelly this past year, but my husband love raspberries so I'm hoping this will be our new fav!


Hey..would like to make that jam. Does it have to be jam sugar? How long will it keep...looks fabulous!


Hi Ali,

it does not have to be jam sugar, you can use regular granulated sugar. the difference being that theres no added pectin in granulated sugar, but then raspberries (seeds) and apple have very high amounts of pectin themselves, so you will be absolutely fine. when i made it, jam sugar was the only thing at hand.

how long it will keep depends mostly on your jars - if you sterlise them properly and their lids are tight-fitting, they might keep for years... i have had some that were three years old. as soon as you open them, keep in the fridge to prolong shelf-life... again, depending on how tight your lids are, they might keep for months.

i hope this helps


Petra Hinds

Thank you. I just made this and it is delish. I can't see it lasting more than a couple of weeks.

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