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Jul 27, 2006



The combination of the rich & creamy custard with tart rhubarb sounds wonderful, Johanna! I'm yet to try my hand at creme brulee myself, but one day I will. Though one particular guy that has entered my life brags about his super delicious brulees, so maybe I'll leave it to him after all..
And yes, you are a wonderful queen of Sunday brunches. I'm looking for an excuse to come and stay over again just for that oven omelette:)


Hey, foam is good...and very trendy!


pille, you are very welcome ANY time... just book your ticket! i've got a few more ideas up my sleeve!!!
david, espumas may be, yes. but that foam on my brulees was definitely NOT trendy... but at least it didn't impact the taste!!


Just out of interest what else would a blow-tourch be used for?

[great photo btw]


oh thanks, andrew, this is a huge compliment coming from you!
you could use a blow torch to crisp up some pork crackling if it's soggy, to unmould cheesecakes and gelatine/cream based desserts, and apparently, all the brown and crisp skin on chicken etc you see in magazines is all due to a blow-torch... they don't actually cook/roast any of it... and it's pretty handy to use in self-defence, when you've run out of sabatier/global knives!


What a great combination! Looks divine.

lavender cupcaker

wow johanna..though i am so distanced away from u, i can imagine e joy of making tis dessert yrself! Thanks for sharing so many great recipes and i do look fwd to learning more frm u! :)

Wow, this looks very tasty! The comb. of rhubarb and custard sounds delicious!


Could you make this for me next time I visit your place? :)


This looks delicious and sounds nice for summer- will have to give it a try. :-)


total rhubarb addict! this recipe almost changed my mind from the making a tarte citron for easter dinner. anyone out there have any info on a wheat free brown rice flour pie crust recipe? is it even possible to make a pastry with a gluten-free flour??please help!


Use blow torces to caramelise goats cheese

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