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Apr 13, 2006



Wow, these chicken balls look amazing! I'm not much into fried foods but this looks so light and fresh!



I've always wanted a deep fryer. My son has one and is now in Vietnam. Maybe when he returns I can interest him in these. They look lush! Thanks!


yeah, I never thought I would buy one, either. Tanna, when your son returns, I'd be interested to hear if these are even remotely Vietnamese, I just called them that because the sauce is something that features in my one Vietnamese cookbok...


yummy! they look gorgeous! i made green mango salad the other day and it tasted of sunshine and spring!


Wow! They look amazing :) AND, I totally agree with you: if it has not been used in a year, it is time to give it away and make someone happy :)

Happy Easter,


Another great fingerfood! Any chance they would be also availabe early May? :)


No. Never seen anything like this in Vietnam. Add a chicken foot to the nugget and maybe... You can get chicken 'zinger' nuggets at KFC in Saigon. That's about as close as I've seen.


they definitely will, pille! i'll cook whatever you fancy when you come visit, so if you'd like chicken balls, chicken balls it is!!


Lovely recipe, I will add some mint and some chopped chilli to the chicken mince mix to make it a bit more 'vietnamese' and let you know how we go, I'm planning no making them for dinner! I'l be deep frying in my wok as I don't have a deep fryer either.


oh and btw, lovely to see you back and in such fine form Johanna xx jayne


Those look really delicious, my stomach is now rumbling ;-)


I ended up making chicken larb because at the last minute I realised I didn't have any oil for deep frying. So will have to try this recipe some other time :( Thanks for the inspiration.


Hi Johanna,

I've been reading your fantastic blog for quite a while now and just had to let you know I made these and how much I (everyone) enjoyed them - they are perfect finger food - light, tasty and very moreish! Thanks for posting, and I'm sure I'll be trying a lot more of your recipes.


This looks good enough, but my question: Is this a bona fide Vietnamese dish or just Vietnamese-like? Like Pieman I've never seen anything like this in my time in Vietnam. "Vietnamese" gets slung around a lot these days but I'm not sure it always means a whole lot. Maybe it's code for: "throw in lemongrass and/or coriander, shallots, fish sauce. Anyway, I could be wrong. Maybe it's something regional.

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