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Apr 02, 2006



Some good points - to be honest I destest caviar (which is lucky as I cant afford it anyway) and rarely drink champagne with food.

I trust when we call on you in the future for an Austrian recipe to match (in the Combinations event) you will put forward some interesting suggestions!


another no no in my book is champagne with dessert or cake. They go so badly together but there is rarely a wedding that doesn't make the mistake of pairing them anyway.


I do appreciate your comments. About the vodka thing I agree. Also on the point of vodka, I think it is the Nepalese that also use the similar concept of a vodka like alcohol shot with their raw meat dish.
Also champagne is usually best on its own ( at least the brands that I have tasted)


I have to agree with Johanna - I am primarily a food blogger so cooking is pretty much always on my mind. Once the food is cooked then we might decide to open a bottle of something nice, but to be honest if it is a weeknight I usually dissuade Nick from doing so as I really don't want to drink half a bottle of wine on a "school night" and I hate leaving a really good bottle of wine open in the fridge overnight as very few are improved by this!! So often we end up drinking something arbitrary & I don't bother to mention it. Also (and this is purely my OCD showing...), I tend to only want to post about wines if I have made proper tasting notes, and often in the heat of the moment I eat, drink & forget to take notes! And I feel to embarrassed to just say "it was nice"! But that's just me...

Oh, and re. champagne, this is going to sound like sacrilege, but a dry champagne/cava and olives work for me - not a million miles from fino and olives which is acknowleged as a good combo...


sherry and olives - definitely my thing, jeanne. but then, champagne is soo versatile, i'd happily drink that, too.
champagne and cake, sam? dear lord! coming from a country which is renowned for its dessert wines, I have thankfully never had to experience that!

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