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Apr 11, 2006



So sorry about the public transport woes and you missing the tasting menu - but it sounds like you wouldn't mind going back. I only wish I'd visited it about 8 years ago when I first read about it, and when it was undoubtedly much easier to score a table!

what on earth kind of champagne cost you tewnty eight quid a glass. I hopoe it was a good'un?

I think you have to start writing letters to get to El Bulli next year! good luck!

David L.

So the Harissa Ice Cream that Jeanne was raving about way truly good (I thought she may have been in post-haste delirium!). Sounds like fun and if I were you, I would have charmed them into making another reservation for you on the spot. As we say in the US, "You gotta work it, girl."


Believe me, David, it was not for lack of trying. they do not make reservations in the restaurant, full stop. everything is handled through their offices only.
i will succeed some day...
sam, the champagne was great, but had i known the price while i was drinking it, i would probably have choked!

Sascha F Zeller

A smart way - and less painful for your fingers - to have reservations be processed automatically for you is using Unfortunately, The Fat Duck is not yet on their list of U.K. restaurants, but I have just suggested it.


Public transport &*^%£^*^%£ (remember, you can send me half of any speeding fine incurred on that day...!)

Siiigh, the food was sublime. I am still drooling over my lamb side dish too (the sweetbread & oyster hotpot), not to mention the desserts!! Next time, the tasting menu for sure.


What a great write-up! I was torn between Fat Duck and Gordon Ramsey's when we went to London and we ended up at Ramsey's. Let's just say after reading your post, we made the wrong decision. Over priced for just "good" food. Read my short write-up on Alain Ducasse's Beige in Tokyo:



Lucky you for scoring a table at the best restaurant in the country. I'm desperate to go however do not possess the requisite patience to secure a table, however after reading your review I might just bite the bullet and try just a little harder.

I have always admired Blumenthal from afar and I think he and Ferran Adria have inspired a whole generation of chefs to experiment with food making it almost like theatre.


that's amazing that you went to the fat duck, what an experience, but gazpacho IS cold soup!


caroline, of course i know that gazpacho is cold soup, but it is usually a thick soup of chopped veggies, rather than a clear soup with some miniature crudites... but i guess the intriguing names just add to the drama of it, don't they?


yes i had the taster menu and it was fantastic, worth every peeny and every minute at the phone. I thoroughly recommend you re-visit and try it. (Ferran Adria by the way not Adrian Ferra)

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