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  • Foie gras with fig & nectarine compote

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Mar 28, 2006



Wow!! That's quite a parcel - I'm sure you're going to have a ball nibbling your way through that ;-)

And wasn't The Fat Duck awesome? Mmmmm, harissa ice cream!! Next time, definitely the tasting menu!


So happy to see you back on bloggin again. My thoughts have been with you quite a lot, not only last weekend when I prepared your Jerusalem artichokes risotto.What great discovery ! I will blog about it soon... Take care, all the best from the 3 flying apples


salty liquorice - them Swedes are crazy!


I'm glad that you liked your parcel. Sorry for not sending any homemade gifts, but I just had no time. I hope that you survived the salty liquorice, especially the filling inside the sweets... :-)

Just let me know when to send you more of the tea :-)

Take care!


As a jealous Canadian, I love/hate reading about these events. Love because the goodies are all so much fun. Hate because I'm not in Europe to partake.

Glad to hear you're out of your seclusion and back to blogging.

You have a great site ... all the best!


Kex is wonderful, it's like a Kit-Kat but with lighter chocolate and an overall fluffier build. SO good.. and so impossible to find in Canada.

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