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Jan 29, 2006



Hmmm, it looks delicious. I love sushi too, and I am glad that you received the package finally. Hugs,


The tamale recipe is waiting for you :)


I'm so glad you enjoyed the sushi! (And I'm really glad you conquered the Royal Post too! :))

I looked at the dashi tea bag box and it says it has: iriko (dried and lightly roasted fish), bonito flakes, and konbu seaweed. All ingredients you might use if you made dashi from scratch.

Shinmai (current-crop rice) is made a big deal of every year in Japan. I have seen a couple of the Japanese grocery stores in the US put up signs saying like "shinmai is in stock" (such as Mitsuwa in Edgewater, New Jersey, right across the Hudson River from NYC) New rice does taste so much fresher and cleaner!


That sounds really delicious! Another place for great quality sushi and definitely sashimi is Asakusa, by Mornington Crescent just down the road... always full of Japanese business-types and the prices are extremely reasonable too.


Hi Rachel,

I actually work just one block down from Asakusa... shame it's not open for lunch, otherwise I would be a regular! I've only been once and I liked the sushi very much, it's more traditional than Bento Cafe, I think, but great quality.
The place could do with a bit of an overhaul in terms of decor, too, but hey, sometimes the best and most authentic food is to be had in pretty run-down places!


Hi again Johanna, I had lunch with a friend of mine today and it turns out that Bento Cafe is owned by her family friend who is in fact Malaysian, so you can sometimes hear the staff conversing in Cantonese apparently! Just thought I'd share with you the 50% discount off food (and drinks! including VAT!) Viktor in Knightsbridge is having until this Friday... that is definitely a deal worth considering if you want to try a different place for extremely good sushi as well. :)

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