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  • Foie gras with fig & nectarine compote

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Dec 13, 2005



Johanna, you're now my favorite food blogger...for being so incredibly early! Much appreciated!

And everything sounds and looks *incredible*...very in tune with the theme!

Thanks so much for for taking time to be part of Blog Party!!!

And have a *great* trip...


Oh - Paris. My aching heart. Please eat some foie gras for me.

I hope you don't mind, but I've just tagged you for a meme on top ten favourite foods. Hope you have time; I'd be really interested to see what you choose!


Appetizers on spoons have always been my favorite, as well as soba noodels in all variations! 350 pieces of fingerfood? What a challenge...but if they all looked so tempting ;)


Johanna - that buffet table must have been absolutely yummy! I'm impressed at the choice of your nibbles - all sound really interesting! Well done!


Wow, what a beautiful piece of art! They sure look delicious too! Good for you, I can imagine your clients were very very happy. Hugs :)


wonderful! i'm planning my own dinner as i read....

Glutton Rabbit

Wowow! So many types of apetizers and they're all fantastic. I love soba! Your Parsnip and honey soup looks especially scrumptious...

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