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Oct 20, 2005



woo hoo - great story - thank you for sharing and so funny to read it from your unimpressed perspective.
guess those girls are more interested in "turning on" a celebrity chef than an oven, eh?


Well, it sounds worth doing for the experience since it definately wasn't for the food. And I bet you'll have a good laugh if "Fatty" ends up on the final cut!


I loved reading this; and I especially loved how you didn't beat around the bush describing the other people. It sounds like I would have had a similar reaction! I only recently learned what a 'chav' is, so I can imagine what these girls would have looked like. Classic!!
But, certainly disappointing on the food front; foie gras with lentil and bacon even sounds too much, too rich in words!!


That sounds like an interesting evening, Johanna, and your 'unimpressed' description of it is fun to read! I can just visualise your fellow attendees:)
I'll try to watch the programme next week - thanks for the tip!




LOL! What an evening you had! I thought that Gordon was supposed to be a perfectionist, wanting all his food to taste perfect.... Oh, well.

I wish I could watch the program here in the U.S. -- at least the episode in which you were in.



You sound a bit judgemental in this post. Hope you are better with negative feedback then the tv team was. Cause it is disturbing to read such prejudices. Seriously, what do you really know about their cooking skills? You sound borderline to bitter. Maybe you take your disappointment out on them? I don't defend loud girls in mini-skirts but don't see the point in beeing mean either.


anonymous, I am being a bit harsh here, i do realise that. for all i know they whip up the best souffles between here and the antarktis, but they were playing along so nicely with the show theme of "can't cook, won't cook" that it looked like they weren't faking it. As to my "disappointment": I am not sure what you're referring to, I certainly don't seek the camera as everybody who knows me will certify... no bitterness here, just some "artistic" freedom, and there certainly seem to be enough people who did find it entertaining, so I rest my case.


paz, he IS a perfectionist and that certainly comes through when you eat at his restaurants where the food and service are incredible. I also love his cookbook "Secrets", one of my all-time favourites!

Pille, it was a great experience to see things from "behind" the curtain... I've seen some of his earlier series and it's interesteing how they get from filming to airing - can't wait to see how much ends up on TV and what twist they're giving it!

Niki, I was hesitant to post it (and promptly got negative feedback as well) - but then again, this is my personal weblog, where I express my personal opinion, and thank god I am not the prime minister whose every word is being scrutinised... so a fun evening turned into a humourous post, no harm intended.

Sam, great line. Wish I had thought of that ;-)

Nic, I can't wait to see it myself. If only I had a DVD recorder... but then again, maybe it isn't that great and I'll fret over a bad shot?! I'll have fun watching it though, let's hope it won't be too embarrassing!


What fun! I love watching people so this evening would have been a blast for me! If you ever need a companion and can't find anyone else to take along, I'm just 90 minutes away!


I'm going to look up his cookbook!


Hi Johanna
I wasn't going to watch, but now I definitely am - would be fantastic to see a glimpse of you looking disdainful... ;-) Sounds like an interesting evening all round though.


Gosh, what a joke...I suppose it wouldn't make good t.v. if they didn't load the "restaurant" with simpering participants, but how ridiculous! I wonder how Gordon Ramsay would have reacted on camera to honest criticism? Thanks for writing your experience up, Johanna- do you think you'd ever do it again?


Moira, I do think I'd do it again... it's just such an experience seeing a great chef in action - and it's much cheaper than booking the kitchen table at the Claridges ;-)


Johanna, I think I saw you... for two seconds?
You should have talked to him instead of Martine!

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