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Oct 21, 2005



Excellent choice with the Scharffenberger! ;-) I used it too. I will have to try this cake, the raspberries would go so well. i can taste it already!


Johanna; I never make my SHF desserts on the Friday, always the Saturday or Sunday, bc the deadline isn't usually until the end of the weekend. I think it was just happening that way, as most people had the same problem as you, and now it seems to be the way it is each month.
The time difference also helps me down here, on a Saturday it's still Friday in the US!


Looks good! What's the flower(?) next to it? Nice looking garnish.



Hey Paz, it's not a flower, it's a fruit. And a delicisous one, too! They're called Physalis and are a member of the gooseberry family - a tiny orange berry (1 cm in diameter) wrapped loosely in a papery skin. I love to eat them on their own, but they're also great for decoration and their taste goes extremely well with chocolate and coffee, I find.
Check for more info - and beware, theer are varieties that are toxic, so better try to find them at the market ;-)


Hi Johanna! Perhaps this is a silly question but where does the butter go in the recipe? I'm guessing together with the melted chocolate? Thanks a lot, I can't wait to try it! :)


A physalis? Oh, wow! Never heard of it or seen it before. I like to learn something new. Thanks for the link. I'll keep my eyes open for it in the supermarket.



Hi, The recipe sounds delicious! I can't wait to make it. If I were to make this recipe in individual serving dishes, how long should I cook them so the center is still molten? Thanks.


hi lee, sorry for not responding earlier. if making in individual ramekins, i would give them 20-25 minutes. It won't be completely runny, unless you stick some chocolate chunks into the middle, though... let me hear how it works out!


Des schmeckt sicha supa guat


Can regular table sugar be substituted for the caster sugar?


I am not familiar with table sugar, so can’t give you a straight answer here… Caster sugar is a finely ground crystallized white sugar, we use it in baking because it doesn’t need long to dissolve. If the sugar were coarser, the cake would bake the same, but in recipes with a short baking time or where no cooking is involved or the mixture is very dry, you might end up noticing the sugar crystals.

Muscovado sugar has more flavour than brown sugar, but most recipes would work equally well with brown. Light brown sugar again is more finely ground and lighter in colour than regular, but where this doesn’t have an impact on appearance or texture (ie in a cream or something that isn’t cooked) regular brown is fine.

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