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Sep 01, 2005



Dear Johanna,
I truely love Johanna Maier's cookbook! Although I haven't cooked many dishes from it, it is a wonderful resources of inspiration. Your creation looks mouthwatering - even if it is just breakfast time around here...


Hi Johanna, your new dish looks absolutely great - and professional ! I will give it a try soon - I love potatoes - and even more I love apples (which I seem to owe to my name ;)...) I do agree with you that with so many jobs we have to fulfill - and nevertheless cook so much for those whom we love (and we also love ourselves a little bit ;)) by having so much fun with cooking) it's always a question of time. I have a few recipes which are time-consuming, like my home-made canelloni, but in this case it's more of a ritual which I only
do on special occasions. But for everyday's cooking I prefer scrumptious but non-time-consuming recipes - and there are lots of, it's just a matter of inspiration -and of phantasy as well. I am curious as for the granulate, I have never used (or even seen) it before. Why not use it when the result is just as you like it ! Have a nice Friday ! (I will try your mint & blueberry cheese cake tomorrow, but one BIG instead of 12 MINIs) Take care, angelika


I'm so blown know, I am always attempting to create something wild and tasty at the same time, with no results :( Just looking at your dish makes me want to abandon the experiment lab and go back to the ol' recipe book. By the way...I've never tried venison!


Hi rachel, venison is a pretty recent discovery for us, too. the fillet is definitely like good beef, only more tender and more flavour-intensive. Give it a try, but make sure it comes from a trusted source!


looks yummy thanks for the recipe.

could you fix your paragraphs so that they have spacing between them. they all blur into one page long paragragh unless the last sentence only has a few words. my eyes thank you!


I'm tickled by the idea of the apple-mash-asparagus tower being called a lasagne. Wordplay certainly adds flavor to the dish - and this one is lovely. Thank you for sharing!

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