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Sep 16, 2005



ate there last week (was staying in phoenix house, the serviced apartments in the same block). the meal was probably a slightly better experience than yours. the food quality was a little more consistent (in the good direction) and the clientele a little less essex-ish. however, the service was poor, the dishes less interesting than their descriptions suggest and overall it pretty poor value.

i would consider eating there again, but I wouldn't go out of my way for the experience.


thanks for that, fernando, i am glad i'm not the only one going against the raging reviews this restaurant gets. far from wanting to slag it off completely, i just feel that there are so many better restaurants out there... and it's good to know that i am not alone in thinking that.


Interesting experience. It's always disappointing to go to a place where you expected more and leave with less -- especially when you have to pay for it.

I've been enjoying good show by Gordon Ramsay, where he goes around to failing restaurants and helps them to turn it around. A lot of the times, the problems are simply fixed by doing more things to appeal to the customers. For example, serving food that the customers want, training the staff to know more about what they're serving, making the ambience more appealing to the customers, etc...

Anyway, it sounds like this restaurant could use the benefit of your comments to see how they could improve on their services for future guests.



i actually saw one or two of the episodes and quite enjoyed it, too. it's amazing how many mediocre restaurants are out there, and even more so how many restaurateurs with no ambition to improve the quality of their product either... as long as they're making a profit!

Andy Hayler

I just came across your blog and like it very much. I am part time food writer and I ave to say that your Le Cercle visit was rather like mine, not actively bad but undwerwhelming. This is much less good than Club Gascon.

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