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Sep 11, 2005



Hi Johanna, that looks snd sounds delicious ! Goat cheese and honey are alway a perfect marriage of flavours. Courgette flowers are also rare on Naschmarkt; and my Mummy has a lot of plants in her garden but does not allow me to take the flowers, she wants to have the zucchine...Great story about the old farm house, is it still a hide-away of your family ? Take care, angelika (exhausted due to 3 birthday parties in our house next week and such a long list of dishes to be prepared in advance, also some recipes of thepassionatecook...)


Hi Johanna,

I've discovered your blog from flying Apple's blog and have been meaning to visit for a while. I'm glad I've finally made it here.

Your recipe is also enticing.

I think that the courgette flowers are the same of squash blossoms, which I recently learned about from The Traveler's Lunchbox (At least, they look the same in the photos.). Until then, I'd never heard about them.

I wanted to try the recipe made from the Squash blossoms, but understand that the season for them is now over. ;-(

I like your story about the farmhouse and needing to do the limbo to go under the doorframes. ;-)



I was also going to ask if they were the same as squash blossoms, which I've never had, but want to oh so much! Pictures look wonderful by the way!


I believe they are similar, Alicat. The flowers look exactly the same from what I could see on a US blog recently - we don't get squash in Austria that much, if anything related in terms of autumn vegetables, then it'd be pumpkin... but they let it grow to harvest as many seeds as possibly from the ripened fruit and produce the most delicious dark green pumpkin seed oil with its distinctly butty flavour. Never would they sacrifice a rich harvest to be eating some flowers! I wonder if you cannot just grow them in their back yard - they might need a big flower bed if your intention is to grow them till they're mature, but if you're only after the flowers? Maybe I'll give that a go next year...

Andrew Spark

This blog posting is great.I appreciate your work.

Peter Cook

Your recipe for stuffed courgette flowers drizzled with honey looks great. We must try it with our home-grown courgettes.


The blogger obviously said they were zucchini blossoms which are in the squash family. Yellow squash blossoms are also used here in the US.

mark and marjolijn

Recently started our own veggie garden and have loads of courgettes with flowers ,will try your recipe soon.
thanks Mark

Bill Williams

Thanks for posting up this article.
Great recipe!
And also so well explained.I'm definitely going to try it out.
Thanks again!
I like the interface of your site because its so simple & easy to use.I highly recommend this site to everybody!!!


Bill Williams

"dofollow"> vancouver flowers


I am going to try this tomorrow as a starter for friends... I hope it goes well! I found that Garson's Farm in Esher do PYO courgettes and I got 20 teeny courgettes and flowers attached for under £4... and what fun we had. Thanks for sharing the recipe! :o)

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