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Sep 18, 2005



I remember watching some TV cook once (probably Delia) doing scrambled eggs and was appalled (actually disgusted) when her eggs where POURED out of the span. slop and so runny - awful. As you say personal preference.


Yum! Given a choice, I like scrambled eggs the best. I have to try this recipe.

I just heard of a way to make the perfect boiled egg.... I guess there's always a perfect way to do everything.

Congratulations on your new kitchen appliance. ;-)



oh paz, please share your secret with us! i've heard the one where you place the egg in cold water to start with, but not sure for how long. let's hear what tricks you have in store!


That's the first time I've heard of that technique. I must try that next time.

As for the hardboiled eggs, what I do is boil it in a pan of cold water. Once water boils put heat to low and let simmer, from this point on start timing. For us, 9 minutes is tops for hardboiled.


Sorry not *cold* water actually but tap water.



I would like to invite you to participate in "I Like 'em Spicy!", a fortnightly food event, where all participants have to come up with a spicy recipe using the Star Ingredient (which is different every fortnight)!

The rules are simple:

1. The recipe has to use the Star Ingredient as the base of the dish
2. It has to be SPICY!!
3. Dishes can be of any form you can imagine, appetizers, mains, desserts, drinks...whatever you can come up with!

On the 1st and 15th of every month, I will the post the Star Ingredient and you are expected to email your entries to [email protected] by the next two weeks.

At the end of the two weeks, I will post all the recipes on a special blog built especially for "I Like 'em Spicy!" so you can all view the fabulous entries!

For further details do drop in "Hooked on Heat", at and join in on the fun!

- Meena



About the hardboild egg: It's really not my secret. ;-) I was watching the Food Network channel and this is what the Chef, Sarah Moulton said:

1- Put eggs in cold water.
2- Bring water to a boil.
3- Take pot off the heat and cover the pot.
4- Leave the eggs in the pot for 17 minutes (I'm pretty sure she said 17 minutes).
5- Then throw the eggs in an ice bath.
6- Let the eggs cool off completely.
7- Peel the eggs under cold running water.

I tried it a few days ago, for the first time. Had no problems...

Paz ;-)



Thanks for visiting my blog and I love your enthusiam in participating in "I Like 'em Spicy!".

I just want to give you a heads up that I have pushed up the date for the 1st submission to the 1st Oct, 2005 instead of the 15th.

So let's get cooking! Can't wait for get your entry.

Take care!



It's with eggs as it's with all the secrets in kitchen work: the obvioulsly easisest things demand the highest level of "know how" or - at least - experience.
My personal favourite - if not having this waxy-white 6-minutes-boiled-egg embracing the still runny yolk "The Perfect Omlette". The receipot is this simple, but the experience preparing it thus important: just mix up 3-4 eggs and some salt and (white) pepper with a fork in a bowl, heat up olive oil with butter, put in the mixtuer when the butter starts to frozh, reduce heat and wait until the upper side is becoming "unliquid" (whilst the side down i snot burning but becoming light brown). Fold the omlette to a half and wait and watch how it's develleopping (growing up). C'est tout! And tastes as pure as it is great. Feel free to add before cooking a splash of milk, creme or sparkling mineral water or add some herbs - the basic w3ay of preparation is just as good as it is.

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