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Aug 08, 2005



Well, it sounds delicious, and it's a pity it exploded before being sent off to Scotland;)
However, now that I have the recipe, I can always recreate it in my kitchen - have a big bunch of rocket growing at my windowsill.
Thanks for sharing!


Hi :)

I'm the only one in my family that loves pesto, so I always make only enough for one serving.. although that's all one of the expensive packages of basil in the grocery can make. Thanks for this post, it's really inspired me. I've never really strayed far from the basil/pinenut version, but your rocket/cashew/chilli one sounds so good, I'll have to try it. :)

(by the way, your rocker knife and multiquick links lead to the same page)



Tis called a mezzaluna. Its Italian for half moon. They are fun to use!


Hi Embla, thanks for pointing this out, I have now updated the links...
Ben, thanks for letting me know the proper name, I had never come across it here in England, but with your help even found it online!


ooh i love the idea of cashews in pesto! at the moment, cashews have become my favorite nut.


cashews are gorgeous, that's true, tanvi. before i discovered them, almonds were my favourite, but they can't really compete. - especially because cashews are so versatile and work equally well in savoury and sweet dishes. i also love pecans, but they would be over-powering with herbs - rather keep them for desserts or a nice cake...


I know that this is some time since you originally posted this, but I have just made some and it was delicious! Thank you!

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