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Aug 30, 2005



That's a funny post - I ended up rapping the poem in my head:)
I bet the spinach egg and ham sandwich tastes good - I often have a spinach wheat tortilla with ham in my local sarnie place, and like the combo a lot, your idea should be even tastier..


I LOVE them---they are so colorful and for sure delicious!


Hi Johanna
Wow - what a cool idea! These would make such good canapes. And your rhyming is great! Not like, say, me trying to rhyme in German!! ;-)


jeanne, i've actually been invited to cater an event (opening of a beauty salon) in london next month - and I am planning to do a smaller version of the above for that... i'll ket you know how they turn out and if people actually like them!


What a fun recipe! I made it for my dinner club and it was very well received. However, i must say that the wax paper didn't do the trick. It really stuck to the egg and was hard to peel off. I think that teflon mat must be clutch... I guess I just nee to buy one for myself. Anywho, thanks for the great idea and keep up the great blog. It's my favorite food blog and it makes my workday so much better!


This may be great to eat, but I can't get over the way it looks. I think I'll have to pass on this one

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