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Aug 05, 2005



Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe, Johanna! I absolutely loved the jar of fragolaceto you sent me, and I will check my local deli shop for pectin this very afternoon!
Sorry about the pesto thou, but if it's any consolation, the replacement pesto was delicious, too!


I'm definitely trying this, but I have a question about jam sugar. What is this, exactly? Here, there's a new product called jam sugar, which I think has added pectin. Is the UK jam sugar similar?


hi anne, yes, that's exactly it. It contains some pectin to make the jam thicken more easily. If you can't find it, just use normal sugar, it's not essential to have jam sugar, especially since the recipe is using pectin as well...


Excellent, then I know just what to get. Perfect! Sadly the strawberries aren't perfect anymore, but they'll have to do! :)

your daughter, carolin

hey mum,
i'm really, really proud of you... You're doing really well... ROCK ON, mum!!!!!!!!!
xxx, your daughter, carolin


Dear Johanna,
I'll keep my eyes open for fragolaceto, sounds like an intriguing mixture of two of my favorite things! Sorry about the exploding pesto, just had a similar experience with a coke bottle (one of those plastic ones, advertised as "unkaputtbar"). The ceiling in my mum's kitchen had to get re-painted afterwards... ;)


Pity about the pesto! The Fragolaceto sounds delicious, I shall have to try making some. :-)

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