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Aug 03, 2005



Yum! I'll take hotcakes over crepes anytime! I'll have to try the egg-yolk omission trick. Makes perfect sense... why didn't I think of that before?!?


I am probably being a bit of a clot but what type of flour and why did you omit the egg yolks?

I have just received my bi-weekly veg box and it included some lovely plums and raspberries so thought I could make these.


Hi Andrew, I used plain (wheat) flour, but you can certainly use self-raising as well. Might not need as much baking powder then. I omitted the egg-yolks just for appearance's sake, the ones I tried in New York were whiter than the first round I made. I didn't miss the yolks a bit. But I can assure you that they taste great either way...


Hi Johanna,
thanks for this great recipe - thanks to you we had a perfect (American) breakfast this morning! Never ever had thought to leave the yolks away. Even if the texture of the cakes in the pan was a bit fluent (it made turning the round guys a bit... challenging), the final result in combination with (organic) maple sirup was just a revelation!


yeah, i also think maple syrup is amazing... i should use it much more! try and get organic MS, it's even better, but you will have to keep it in the fridge.
i use a very small pan (20cm) and have special omelett turner/spatula which is round and almost the size of the pan... really makes a difference! glad you like the recipe!


That sounds so delicious! I would like to try it out. :)

Is there a sweet bread that looks like a pancake? If so, what is it called? :)

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