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Jun 11, 2005



Instead of being late for EOMEOT, you could always be early for the next IMBB!!!

Over here on the west coast i think when they order the whites only option - they probably get healthy choices to go with it too. When I am trying to be 'good' I make my omelette with 1 yolk to 2 or 3 whites. of course, I am not good very often as you can imagine it isnt much fun.

I enjoyed your snippets of new york. I have never been and so it is fast becoming top of my list of places to spend my big 4-0 next year.


Hi Jo!
Aaah, now that's devotion to the cause... making your EoMEoTE entry early because you know you'll be away! Looks delish... I've just added you to the round-up over at Cooksister, complete with your very own personalised limerick!:

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