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May 17, 2005



saw your name at Cecile page... I wonder I get invited when I come back. Willbe back in UK soon...


sounds fabulous.
this post served to remind me I'd forgotten to include you in my Brit Blog roll. Apologies for that oversight which has now been rectified.


Oh, that sounds wonderful! I wish I could have been there - although the picknick sounds worth flying in for! :)

//Anne in Sweden


I am not, by nature, a jealous person. But...I want to do something like that! I just don't know *any* food bloggers in my area. Why do you all have to live so far away, anyhow?

Sounds like great fun!


Oh my goodness... I'm so jealous? And here I thought that Sydney foodbloggers did well by having yumcha. But homecooked food by foodbloggers? I guess that's one way to guarantee a good scrub up!

Great pics. Food looks sensational! Congrats all.


schatzli - just get in touch when you're back!

anne - (and all other European bloggers out there) this is, of course, open for all foodbloggers to join... and if you don't mind flying in from stockholm, then of course you are invited!!!

steph - where are you based? all roads lead to london, you know! (and so do most airlines, as i can testify, living so close to the world's busiest passenger airport!!!


I am, unfortunately, STUCK in Tennessee. And while Matt and I would love to travel to London, a toddler, two pups and a mortgage continually put the kibosh on the idea!


Hi Jo

Great write-up! Mine should be up sometime tonight (after the customary 5 days of procrastination...!) Your caprese skewers sure win the prize for being the most photogenic dish of the day - they look fab on all the write-ups so far. Will have to repeat them for the picnic!


I thought I would stop by and say hello from the other side of the blogging world. Your pictures are very appetising indeed and it all sounds delicious to say the least - I shall have to remember never to pop in before dinner...


Hi Jo!

Just found your site, it's fab! I am also a London-based foodie, so please let me know about the next foodblogger get together.


Hi Vivian, great to hear that there are more London-based foodies... I'll definitely let you know about the next thing coming up, probably Henley in July, so keep your diary free! I'll be on touch soon!


Hi Johanna,
first of all, thank you for your lovely food parcel that came in post this morning! I will write about it at my blog very very soon.
Secondly I wanted to thank you for a lovely write-up about the Twickenham event - and for mentioning Pertelote's chickpea/tuna salad. I followed the link and replicated the salad and it was absolutely delicious! I wouldn't have known about it without your write-up..

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