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May 05, 2005



Nice - I like the sound of the pork and pineapple. Interesting combo.
Yes - did you ever see the photo of our BBQ? You practically need a license to drive it!


Oh, I'm so jealous! Up here in Edinburgh we still have another three months to go until barbecue season. Oh wait, no that'll be winter again. Darn.


Hi Jo!

Can't speak for the Aussies but Real South African Men don't clean their braai grids - they just burn 'em clean next time and maybe wipe off the worst of the debris with newspaper. None of those sissified sparkly silver braai grids for them!! :P

The kebabs (or sosaties back home!) look absolutely fab. Can't wait for this "sweltering summer" they're predicting...


Hello Jo! your pork and pineapple souns yummy. I live in the California desert so I can BBQ pretty much year round . I like to marinate shrimp and kilbasa in a tequila & lime sauce and kabob them with bellpeppers, onions, and mushroom. Served on a bed of chapolte rice and fresh fruit it's simple and quick. All for now.. Bye!!


Your skewers look great! I'll definitely try the pork and pineapple combo when it warms up. Thanks for the idea!


This is my absolute favorite beef Kebab recipe. I don't really even care for beef but I made it for a group of beef loving guys and then left my usual chicken Kebabs on the plate and had these instead. WOW! The bay leaves are so unexpected, and the flavor they add is incredible. This will be a regular in my home (I've already made them twice in the last 6 weeks).

Thom Richards

Super looking kebabs. A real different recipe. I can't wait to try it. I am a first time visitor, but I will make it a point to come back here. Best to you!

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