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May 08, 2005



Congratulations! I'll have to wait a week or two (spent way too much this month), but I'll definitely be picking it up.


Hi - Owen (aka the publisher) here. There are in fact a total of 24 food bloggers featured in the book from the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Germany, South Africa, France, etc. Although about half of them are from the US.

I also URGE you to buy it from the link here - there are several reasons. One - Amazon won't stock it for at least another month. Two - Johanna gets a LOT more money if you buy it from here (way more than double).
Three - if we all make enough to do a little better than break even then we get to put another book out covering Summer 2004 to 2005 - with MORE food bloggers and more entries!


Well, now that you're an accomplished chef-mother, what's next?


Congratulations, fellow Digital Disher! I keep meaning to post about the book keeps getting in the way, though.


Congratulations!! It's wonderful to see people you feel you know personally (or, indeed do know personally) getting in print! Although, I have to admit I didn't recognise about 75% of the foodblogs/bloggers listed as participants - there are more out there?? Why haven't I found these people before??


Felicidades Johanna!

¡Por fin voy a poder tenerte otra vez en mi cocina!

Y queda pendiente un libro, página ó lo que sea con un diccionario multilingüe de ingredientes culinarios.

Te quiero mucho.


Hi Johanna, I have just placed my order for the book (of course using the button on your site) and I am very much looking forward to it ! I am quite proud ;-) that a fellow Austrian has contributed to it, and as you know you have convinced me that maybe in the near future there will be also a food blog coming directly from Austria...
kind regard from Vienna


Hi Johanna,

I'll definitely be purchasing the book this week, and I'm really looking forward to reading your contribution! It's so inspiring to read your comments about being a new mother as well...the same sort of things I've struggled with since having our little ones.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi and congrats, fellow "woo-hoo-my-name-in-print-at-last!" food writer!

I meant to do a post as well but have not got round to it (hmm, what a shocker!) - will do so soon. We must chat this weekend about maybe doing something in London to promote it??


Niki - just FYI - if we sell enough copies and I make a little money we will do it again for summer 2004 to summer 2005. When I started I had about 50 food blogs that were serious enough to track (published regularly etc.) on my list. Guess how many are on that list now? 350!!

Jeanne - what are you waiting for!?!

Seriously - if you want to do an event I will lend what support I can (if you get RSVPs and guesstimate numbers and give me enough time I can bulk ship copies etc.) I think there are four of you in England - all within striking distance of London - so you might be able to get you all together...


yeah, owen, what you don't know is that Jeanne and I have done some homework and organised a get-together for all bloggeres in the vicinity of London. Taking place this afternoon at my house.
Hopefully we can get ourselves in gear to organise a book-promoting event somewhere soon!


wow! wish I could join in. THe SF crowd have done a coupole of those but I was too suburban for them to realise I lived in the Bay Area! Maybe I'll meet them at the launch

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