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Apr 02, 2005



This sounds lovely, will have to try this combination.
In Turkey we eat a lot of eggplants, and if you want to avoid the oil, here is a good way: Roast the eggplants till charcoaled, whole, preferably on a gas stove, but in a grill pan without oil or in the oven work as well. With fingers dipped in cold water, pick the charcoaled peel away, mush the inside (breathe in the lovely roast smell).
Then mix either
a)with some spoons of yogurt, garlic, salt & pepper or
b) very finely diced tomatoes and green peppers, some lemon juice and salt. Eat as a salad or bread spread.


Hey Hande - I really like your suggestion! I actually made another aubergine dish last weekend, but for that I pan-fried them (in just a little oil) - post to come soon. But the chargrilling is definitely the thing to try next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

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