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Apr 24, 2005



looks really really good:) pity that whenever i break eggs the yolk and white just straight out form a mess.

Angela looks delicious. I love dipping toast into runny yolks. I will have to give this a try.


Where did you get those ramekins, the clear glass ones? Thank you, Catherine

P.S. Your eggs look wonderful.


Hi Catherine, I actually got those from some mousse au chocolat i bought at the supermarket years ago... they don't produce them like that anymore! I have bought some more recently to pass on to my Mum, but they can't stand the heat and crack in the oven... glass chips are not a nice addition to your breakfast!
You should be able to find them in any good kitchen ship, though... is a good supplier in the US from what I can see, but there must be something n europe, too.
only piece of advice, go for ones that are made of one piece, stick closely to the picture in the link for reference, rather than mine, as the one pictured on my post is one of the "unreliable" ones... which btw are used for Gu puddings here in the UK.

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