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Mar 28, 2005



Hi Jo,
finally somebody who knows Grammeln! I'm from Bavaria and grew up with unforgettable dishes from my Grandma. She did great potato fritters mixed with Grammeln, dipped in a to-die-for mixed-mushroom-soup (in case my translation doesn't make sense: Speckerl-Dotsch mit Rahm-Schwammerl-Supp'n). I tried to re-cook the dish many times out of my memories - probably I'm suffering from nostalgia - but never really suceeded.
However, your creation sounds daring, looks beautiful and I would definitely give it a try ;)


Wow, your grandma's dish sounds intriguing. I've never come across it. Grammeln are either a big hit or a big hate depending on where you grew up...when I lived in Mexico, I also discovered chicharrones, fried pork skin of about 20 x 20 cm size sold on wandering market stalls, which I found delicious - and people though I was crazy for eating them! I absolutely LOVE your blog, btw - will stop by regularly, that's for sure!

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