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Mar 27, 2005



Ahh, but it *looks* spectacular! That has to count for a lot!
I noticed the fluffy and dry cake thing in Vienna, actually. Especially when we tried Sachertorte (at the Hotel Sacher). To me the cake part was too dry and cardboardy, but I was sure that it was the way it was made, rather than an oversight by the chef.


Dear Lord; that looks fantastic! And ever-so classier than my pregnancy cravings; all I ever wanted was mashed potatoes and gravy...


Oh give me strength - that looks absolutely sinfully fabulous!! I am *so* going to have to make that!!


Mmm i love brownies garnished with more brownies!


What is "284 whipping cream"???

What is the measurement? I would love to make these. They sound so good but I don't know any measurement that starts with 284. Any help would be appreciated.



to all: yes, decadence is a great thing!
to RisaG: my word, I must have been too excited to list all the measurements. Have taken care of it immediately. With regards to the cream, it is millilitres I am referring to, 284 being a standard size in the UK - not sure where it stems from, I am confused by all the stones and pints and other weird things you find around here... long live the metric system!

bonnie kitchen


Michael Urmston

284 millitres is exactly half an imperial pint (10 Fluid Ounces).Long live the imperial system!


These brownies are really good that I made them for my class in school and they wanted me bring more in very Friday for a snack from our hard work we do very day.


These brownies are really good that I made them for my class in school and they wanted me bring more in very Friday for a snack from our hard work we do very day.


So glad you liked the recipe and still sharing with your friends!!!
Thanks for reporting back as well, your feedback is very much appreciated!

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