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Mar 12, 2005



Eggcelent! Hee, hee- I'm shirr you'll have lots of fun putting the roundup together...


what an eggcellent yolk!


Now I've packed an extra set of hankies for it, and it likes its cocoa just a little bit sweet, and make sure it doesn't forget to dry its hair before it goes outside last time it nearly caught its death of cold I can tell you and if it gives you any trouble you've got my number.


Oh, and remember, keep it out of the light and *no feeding it after midnight*, no matter how much it begs.

To think, just the other day it was a little embryonic idea in Cooksister & Spiceblog's imagination and today it's a whole extravaganza, off into the big wide world. *Sigh*, they grow up so fast...


Hi Johanna, you've enlightened me with your answer to the age-old dilemma. It really cracked me up, too. :) I can't wait for EoMEoTE #5.


OK - as I am undistracted by family (they are off in London without me) I WILL get an entry in this time. I will, I will, I will!


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research.
How refreshing to hear about a cooking competition where participants are actually not encouraged to be pretentious but rather to produce good, down-home type meals!

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