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Feb 02, 2005



Hi Jo - this sounds absolutely delicious. And I love the idea of the speck soldiers! I'm busy doing a roundup for the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza #3 over at Cooksister - and this seriously deserves a mention. Would you mind if I added it to my list of contributions, even though it wasn't cooked specifically for this purpose?

cucina testa rossa

I worked at Danube in NYC, a David Bouley/Mario Lohninger Austrian restaurant, and pumpkin seed oil was used extensively. It was the first time I'd seen it and it has an amazing deep earthy flavor, unctuous texture and a beautiful dark green color. It is wonderful in vinaigrettes for salads or in sauces. and congrats on the blog-pic award!


Your post doesn't say what you did with the oumpkin seeds AFTER you toast and set aside. Please let us know. I mean, do you sprinkle over scrambled eggs, mix into scrambled eggs?

It looks awesome, cant wait to try!

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