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Jan 12, 2005



They look fabulous - I can understand why the Texan girl chased after them each day.
Interesting about the butcher dilemma. We don't have that problem here, as those who can't mix their meats (we have a large Muslim population here. A smaller Jewish one) use their own Halal/Kosher etc. butchers.


hi niki, we do have specialist butchers as well, but you don't have them everywhere. In our suburb for example, there aren't any, and the different cultures tend to spread out much more than I have seen in any other country - there is Chinatown, but few Chinese actually live there, and there are no Italian, Muslim, etc quarters per se. You do find clusters, but not enough people to warrant having their own butcher. so you'd have to travel quite a bit for your meat & other foodstuff, for instance a Chinese living in Surrey would have a 1.5 hr drive before reaching Chinatown. i guess this is why, but I am not 100% sure...


Oh my word - those look delicious!! And perfect with the cold weather we've been having. Interesting info about the butchers - seeing as I'm the lazy type who would go and buy ready-minced meat from Tesco, I've never encountered this ;-) I'm intrigued by the addition of minced cured meat offcuts - sounds like somethign I'll have to try (though clearly not in this country!!). I also echo your complaint about the general lack of cured meats and dry sausages around here. :-(


Well, speaking as the Texan girl referenced above, these were my absolute favorites of Austiran cuisine. My mother and I will be making these in a few weeks when she visits. Now off to the local German store to see if I can find Gulyas sauce.


My mom always made the meat mixture from leftover meats augmented by specially purchased kielbossa, smoked sausage, ham, etc. Leftover roastbeef, pork roast, etc. were frozen then put through her hand-cranked meat grinder (which I still have and use) along with the freshly purchased meats and onions (no garlic in her recipe) - yes the onions went through the grinder too.

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