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Jan 21, 2005



Ugh - back at work. And in winter too. It must feel awful leaving in the dark and returning in the dark, after a year away from it.
I start full time work in a few weeks too, and honestly I'm just not looking forward do it. At all. Hardly an ambitious career plan for a young woman, is it?!


Incidentally, check this out for the actions of an overzealous comment-maker on a blog. I think you'll find it....interesting.


Hi Johanna: I love cantuccini - dip away! I have to try this recipe one day soon, thanks so much for putting it up! :)
I know, some days it's so hard to keep up with the food blog, fun as it can be. I started grad school, ended up alone in a strange city without my husband, who lives halfway round the world, and I just haven't felt like cooking much. To add fat to the fire, my hosting company pulled the plug on everyone, and my site is gone. I have backup, but it will take man hours, which I don't have, to get it up again.
Let's clink espresso cups and focus on the good days! :)


I've just stumbled across your blog. Great work!

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