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Nov 01, 2004



Hi Jo, this looks yummy! My hubby loves garlic so may try this recipe... wld it be ok to substitute double cream for whipping cream, you think? Hmm...


whipping cream should work fine, i am sure - the difference is only in the fat content, and density, of course, so you might need to reduce it a bit more than you would do with double cream... as much as needed to achieve your desired consistency.
glad you like the recipe, i'm sure hubby will adore it!


This looks fabulous... I love an amuse-bouche - as you say, you can get away with things that woudl be unthinkable in larger quantities. Recently in France we had a little square of crispy flatbread topped with... a slice of fat!! It just tasted as if they had trimmed the fatty part off a very thin slice of speck (or similar) and put that on the little cracker, and it was quite sublime... I will definitely have to try the garlic soup as I love both garlic and pancetta - thanks for sharing!


Jeanne, i am not too keen on fat, normally, but the type of dry-cured bacon I get from back home in Austria is tenderloin with a nice layer of fat between the meat and the skin. I love the taste of the lean bacon, but with the fat it just tastes sublime - I could not each much of it, but I enjoy the burst of flavours every time.
So I can understand that you loved that in France! Can't wait to read more about your trip on your site!

mel o'callaghan

thankyou for this beautiful recipe. i was looking to find a soup base to use with two truffles i was saving and found this. The soup was well appreciated by our friends. it was a mix of subtle flavours. fresh tyme was lovely.


Would love to give this a try for a dinner party tomorrow, but not sure I follow the recipe. At what point do I add the roasted garlic??! When I puree all the other ingredients??(obviously, I squeeze the garlic flesh out of its skin before adding?!).

Cathy Wojciechowski

Love the site....what happened ? I was looking for more posts and there were none. YOU HAVE TALENT and I would love to see more...please post.


Hi cathy
My provider is having issues with their latest upgrade and the sudebars which are used for navigation and search have disappeared... Please check back in a couple of days

Many thanks
Ps should you need anything in particular, please let me know.

Seth Thayer

Oh my....I just made this, had a taste of the finished product 30 minutes ago and can still feel the delicate flavors...just amazing. I am attending an amuse bouche party tonight here in Maine. I added a sauteed leek to the mix and used a store bought stock that I simmered with another head of garlic and fresh thyme during the roasting process. I am making bacon swizzle sticks to stick in the shot glass.
thank you, thank you thank you for this incredible soup!

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