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Oct 28, 2004



You have me intrigued that you love Musetti coffee above all others and I've never had it. Where did you drink it? So I did a little research: 2 kg of Musetti beans (coffee comes in 1 kg bags, so depending how much you drink...) would cost about $50 shipped in the U.S., plus shipping to London.

Want some?

I am serious -- I know what it is like to live overseas and crave certain unobtainable items. After 10 years of my family's living in Hong Kong, I would guess I have a lot of karma to repay all the friends and business associates who carted over everything from videotapes of American television to suitcases filled with bagels and bialys. Anytime you want to arrange a shipment of espresso (maybe surprise your husband on Christmas morning?), I am your girl. You have provided me with enough cooking inspiration that I would still come out ahead!

E-mail me if you are in need of some Italian caffeine....

Mary Dobson

I love Musetti coffee too! They serve it in Tuttons in Covent Garden and each time I'm in london I have to have a cup! I still haven't found a supplier in the UK, Tuttons get it wholesale, but every time I've asked who from the cook (who knows who from) is out...Either that or they just want me to keep coming! Where did you find that supplied it from the US?

mary dobson

since posting, i have found a supplier of musetti coffee! £6.99 delivery and £6.50 per pack!
I am very happy now!


Oh yes, I came across them, too - unfortunately, they don't do beans! but thanks for letting me know anyway!

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