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Oct 27, 2004



Ooh... she must be quite brave to admit that to her mom! how old is she? hope you are not to 'traumatised'...


Goodness me!
What a story she must have to tell. When I was her age I was still reading Enid Blyton! (and walking 40miles to school in the rain wearing a flour sack.....)


well, niki, not sure i fully believe you there, but i can assure you that she multi-tasks in this respect, reading enid blyton et al. AND kissing (hopefully not at the same time).

ruth - i hope that confidence won't fade with the years! i'd rather find out from her than somebody else, whatever it is she's doing!


Ja, ja, jetzt ist es soweit!! hat sie gesagt wie es war, nein sowas der eigenen Mutter zu erzählen, macht man nicht! zumindest ich haette solche details unserer Mama nicht mitgeteilt!! Ab nun wird es schwieriger aber gleichzeitig spannender!! Dein Bruder und ihr Onkel Clemens


Na dann viel Spass. Wie es scheint beginnt deine Tochter früher als meine. Ich hoffe bei uns dauert es noch. Mein Energielevel ist derzeit nicht hoch genug für derartige Nachrichten.

Ich schaue immer mal wieder vorbei. Mir ist es ein Rätsel wie du das alles machst. Mutter uns diese Homepage.

Lg, Martina Höglinger


na, meme, ich bin sicher, du kannst ihr's gestehen, wenn's dann so weit ist ;-)

and to all of you, thanks for your kind words of commiseration - and here are some details for you: I had to find our that it happened 2 years ago already (that's the bad news) but that she wasn't impressed at all and has had no intentions to repeat it since (that's the good news).
so there's still some time before we will have to discuss more serious issues ;-)
(she's 12 now, ruth, and couldn't be more innocent - but then, I'm her Mum, so what do I know!?!)


It's a rare thing I read about teenagers telling their moms about their first kiss. The moment's supposed to be shared only between two people, well, I guess in this case, among three people. That kiss is the most special one a person experiences because he gets to share it with someone he truly cares for.

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