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Oct 06, 2004



Yummmm .. great blog! Thanks for sharing!!

Peace & Good Eats,


Been making this type chicken for years. Its great on the grill as well. The moisture from the beer (coke is great too) keeps the chicken extremely tender on the inside and very moist. I baste mine with butter and the sprinkle Bay Seasoning over it. Yummmmmm.


yumm - butter. addicted to it. maybe with some garlic? will try next time!


Liebe Schwester!
Ich weiss zwar, dass Du kein Bier trinkst, aber irgendwie duerftest Du die Zeit, bei welchem Getraenk auch immer, vergessen haben!! Er schaut etwas verkohlt aus, dieser Vogel!! Ich hoffe, das Innere war dafuer gelungen!! Clemente


Mmmmm, gotta love a recipe that starts with "open the can of beer/wine/alcohol and drink half of it"!!! Looks fab - I will have to try that one!


Hi Jo,
I made this tonight, and omigawd! it's the best roast chicken I've made. The outside was so crispy and the inside was SO moist and tender. I've never seen anything quite like it. This is now my preferred method!
Having said that, I also laughed my head off at the sight of it perched on its can...and when my mum and brother walked past the did a double take and went into hysterics. My brother thought I was drunk, and wants his beer back! Servede with Nigella's watermelon, mint and feta salad, it was a great springtime meal.
I'm keen to try it next time with red wine too. Love the beer flavour, but the type I used was very bitter. Maybe a milder one next time.


Incidentally, "carefully remove the can" is the certainly true! Mine seemed vacuum sealed into the hole!...And me with hot, slippery chicken clamped in one hand, and vainly attempting to gently extricate the beer can from its bum, murmering encouraging words to it, had me imagining all kind of comedy scenes with me on one side of the room, beer decorating the walls and the chicken hanging from the lightshade!


it certainly does get a few laughs, that one - I am glad you enjoyed it, though, i also think it turns out very nice and moist every time.
maybe you should sell the idea, and the scene you're picturing MUST have mr.bean in it - perfect casting, i think!

Beer Drinker

I have never, ever seen chicken done like that. I am intrigued though, so I might have to give it a try.

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