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Sep 08, 2004



Hi Jo,
Superb idea, it looks really good.
Is the difference between sun-blush and sun-dried tomatoes is the same as the difference between "tomates confites" and "tomates séchées" in France" ?


bonjour pascale, it always depends on the manufacturer, as the degree of moisture varies. i would say tomates confites generally retain even more moisture than our sun-blush tomatoes, but they will work beautifully. the tomates séchées would definitely be too dry. hope this helps!


Hi Jo,
I made that dish yesterday but for dinner and we enjoyed it a lot. I always thought that I didn't like omelette but in that dish, it's really good.
Thanks for the recipe.


where can you buy Buendnerfleisch?


Hi Steve, I must admit I have never bought Buendnerfleisch here in the UK - always have it imported/sent from Austria. You could try Harrod's who are usually very good in continental cold meats, or substitute with Italian bresaola or coppa.


Huh, looks tasty. I'll definitely try to make one for my girlfriend for breakfast :)

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