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Aug 01, 2004



A variation on this theme from Mexico (Baja California, to be specific) are Camarones Costa Azul (dubbed by me & my friends "Berner Shrimps"): 2 jumbo shrimp, place cheese in between them and wrap them in bacon (use toothpicks). Bake in oven at 350° F for about 10 mins. Cholesterol bomb? For sure. But delicious!!!


This sounds a lot like the kaesekrainer I had last night! I'm not even going to attempt to cook them, but if you want to read my blogpost about the kaesekrainer experience, you can find it here!

Love the blog!


Ah yeah memories...

I remember them as a treat which was reserved for a weekend once a month and also one of the times where i did not have to fight with my brother over the food.

Strange how kids always prefer the salty, fatty fast food like things.

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