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Jun 04, 2004



looks really good! especially the dusting with icing sugar on top. :)


Johanna, did you know I came to this recipe from the Wikipedia entry on Strudel? Congrats!

I am definitely going to have to try your recipe one of these days: it's one of my new year's resolutions to make a proper apfel strudel!


wow! my recipe on wiki! thanks for letting me know...
good luck with the strudel, let me know how you got on!


Wow, my hat's off to you. Strudel dough and puff pastry are the two (only) things you buy and don't even try do make yourself -- at least in Austria.


Also came to this recipe via wikipedia, going to try it now and will post my outcome...recipe looks fantastic and it will only be my ability in question. Thanks for the recipe.


Well, made this great recipe last night at work...I'm a chef in NY and had some help. Very easy and very nice. I also reconstituted dried cherries and used them with the same dough for a cherry strudel that was equally wonderful. Kudos on a great recipe. Thank you.


'nother wiki goer here! I just got a whole bunch of apples given to me from the tree in our neighbours backyard, and have been looking for something to do with them. They're just the slightest bit tart, and I think they'll work beautifully with this recipe. Thanks!

Marilouise Rijven

hi, I am from Austrian decent and have made apfelstrudel for quite sometime now but would like to make it gulten free is this possiable, i have not been succesful, can you help. look forward to your reply



I made this strudel last night and it turned out really well. Thanks for a great recipe. I was surprised that the pastry was so easy and I well and truly impressed my dinner party guests. My apples weren't very tart so I added quite a lot of lemon juice to them after chopping which helped to liven them up. I used almond meal but next time think I will use crushed walnuts or similar for more flavour.

Johan Bårdh

Hello, i am Johan Bårdh and I am doing a projekt about apfelstrudel and i would like to have some information about it so if you could lenk any website i would preasuaete it.

Ruth Graf

I'm not Austrian ,but am married to a german man who's family comes from 10 kms inside the Austro -Hungarian border, and were repatriated back to germany after the war. Their culinary traits seem to be a hotch-potch of German, Austrian and Hungarian, but all very delicious. Your Apfel Strudel recipe is just like my mother-in law used to make, I too was a little wary of making the pastry, but once you give it a go, it really easy and the results are awesome in comparison to store bought filo. I love your recipes and comments, and have you listed on my "favourites", keep up the good work. Ruth


I made today this recipe as it is said in the directions and not found what all comments told about the wonderful result.
I am not a chef but been cooking for a long time, I recomend you to try another recipe.
I lost almost 1 hour preparing the material and then clenaning everything and it has been the first time I had to throw the food to the garbage. And I like trying many new dishes. I am really dissapointed.


Hi Maria,

siento mucho que hayas tenido tantos problemas con esta receta... la verdad es que a veces yo he encontrado problemas tambien cuando lo hice en el extranjero porque parece que hay tantos tipos diferentes de harina que no llevan el mismo resultado.
en austria hay una harina especial para pasteleria y strudel en particular, esa se llama "griffig" y hasta en alemania no se encuentra.
tambien me dice el dueno de mi panaderia que es imposible en ciertos climas trabajar con la misma receta aun si te llevas la harina porque cambia tanto el calor y la humidad del lugar.
y por cierto, strudel es algo bastante dificil y a mi no me salia nada bien durante muchos anos de praticar...

ahora cuando voy de viaje, me llevo hojas a "filo pastry" y preparo mi strudel con estas para estar segura ;-)


Sí la verdad fue frustrante. Lo primero porque lo intenté con un libro de cocina de la escuela francesa de Le Cordon Blue y tuve que tirar la masa y ayer hice vuestra receta.

Todos los comentarios apuntaban a un éxito seguro que me animé por segunda vez. Pude haber comprado la masa filo pero me animé a hacerla. Todo fue bien, hasta que lo saqué del horno. Entonces parecía como quemado por dentro. Y claro parecía que sabía a canela quemada.

Supongo que no es fácil hacerlo, pero ya te digo que todo fue bien hasta cortarlo, estaba duro y como quemado por dentro, más quemado por dentro que por fuera.

La harina que usé era especial repostería. Probé el relleno,, quitando la masa, y tampoco me resultó agradable al sabor.

Respecto al clima, en España es más bien seco, aunque este fin de semana ha estado lloviendo en Madrid, parecido al de Austria.

En fin una decepción para mis medallas cocineras.

Dile a tu jefe que debería poner más comentarios, ya te digo que lees las opiniones y despistan.


Good images showing the filo pastry during the preparation of the apfelstrudel:

Chef Heiko Grabolle, SC, Brazil

[only one person is necessary to make the recipe, despite the appeareances... :o)]


This is absolutely fantastic! I used your recipe for my blog. The filopastry is awesome how stretchy it is. I was so stunned i could get it so thin. Thank you!

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